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About us

Crossfit BattleZone is based on principles of true fitness, community, accountability, and integrity. It is our mission to offer the best possible service aimed at helping people of all fitness levels improve their quality of life. Our community- based strength / conditioning fitness programs have been proven effective to deliver unparralled results.

Please stop by our facility today and meet one of our certified coaches to learn how we can help with your fitness goals!

Crossfit Battlezone

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This is what our members say.


Arlette Ramirez
Valued Member Since 2016
Testimonial / Gymtimidation

I joined Tobar's (Crossfit BattleZone) wanting to exercise and get healthier. I instantly loved the format of the WODs, but it was evident that my coaches and workout partners made all the difference for me. Not only was joining a new workout experience but I was also gaining a new family.

Felipe Solis
Valued Member Since 2016
Testimonial / Found a great community

I first attended this gym cause a friend of mine wanted me to go with them to try it out. I had been to multiple gyms before but none like this one. The coaches here are always there to help you out & make you better physically & mentally. Everyone here truly cares about one another & it’s like one big family. Its awesome here.

Danny Aguirre
Valued Member Since 2013
Testimonial / Heart Failure

I started at Tobar's (Crossfit BattleZone) due to my Dr's urging to exercise and live healthier after suffering from heart failure. I love the coaches, people and workouts it is so awesome here. I have lost 60lbs and my Dr's are very impressed with my results and happy with my progress so I wouldn't change it for the world.

Liz Armendariz
Valued Member Since 2017
Testimonial Surgery / Back Injury

All my life I had hardly ever exercised or worked out. I have four children a career, ministry and that takes up majority of my time. After giving birth to my last child and having surgery, I suffered from a bad back and my left leg dragged behind. I went to the chiropractor and received treatment. However that was not enough. So nine months ago my sisters invited me to go to their gym. What attracted me was that it was only 30 minutes a day, so that was perfect for my busy schedule. I decided to give it a try and loved it. The trainers are so encouraging and the environment has such a positive vibe. I couldn't even do an air squat the 1st day. Now I feel so much stronger, my back is much better, and I no longer limp. Iam significantly improving each day and can deadlift 215lbs. Never would have thought that was possible.

Ivette Lujan
Valued Member since 2016
Testimonial / Weightloss

I decided to join (TCF) Crossfit BattleZone. I was determined to try something new. I would join gyms and wouldn't go because I hated going alone and didn't know how to use the machines. I heard they had trainers at (TFC) I decided to go for it. At that time I weighed 250lbs. I started at BattleZone Crossfit (TCF) and within the first 3 months I lost 30lbs. Then I decided to get even more serious and got Chris Tobar to help me with my nutrition and dropped an additional 15lbs. For a total of 60lbs. I love (TCF) BattleZone Crossfit they motivate you to never stop. I owe it to God first And Meredith and Elaina for pushing me to strive to become better everyday.

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Crossfit Classes

$125 Monthly
60 minute classes that incorporate high intensity interval training and a variety of movements including gymnastics and weightlifting.
  • Enjoy
  • Unlimited Crossfit Classes
  • Monday thru Friday 6pm
  • Free shirt upon signing
  • Free encouraging wristband Every Month
  • $10 gift certificate When reach PR's
  • 10% Off our Restaurants / Coffee Shop


$125 Monthly
30 minute classes that incorporate a high-energy workout, utilizing functional body weight movements and light to moderate loads.
  • Enjoy
  • Unlimited Fitcamps
  • Monday thru Friday 930am
  • Free shirt upon signing
  • Free Encouraging wristbands Every Month
  • $10 gift certificate When reach PR's
  • 10% Off our Restaurants / Coffee Shop


$150 Monthly
Crossfit / Fitness Camps
  • Enjoy
  • All Classes Unlimited
  • Monday thru Friday 930am - 6pm
  • Free shirt Every Month
  • Free encouraging wristbands Every Month
  • $20 gift certificate When reach PR's
  • 20% Off our Restaurants / Coffee Shop
  • Text WOD's Daily

Personal Training

All personal training packages Include Unlimited Membership
  • 8 Sessions Monthly / $40 Per Session
  • 12 Sessions Monthly / $35 Per Session
  • 16 Sessions Monthly / $30 Per Session
  • Must schedule appointment for special pricing and availability.